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Construction Industry Scheme: How to Claim a CIS Tax Refund

Almost 1/3 of UK construction workers pay too much tax which equates to an estimated 80 million lost each year. If you feel you’ve overpaid tax, it is time to take back what you’re owed.


You can claim a CIS Tax Refund if, for the last four years, you have worked at 2 or more construction sites for the same company,

and/or used public transport or your own vehicle to get to work. You could get an average of £2,500 from a 4 year refund.

How do you claim your CIS tax refund

How you claim CIS tax refund will depend if you are registered in the CIS system as a sole trader, partner or limited company

Sole traders and partners are required to send in Self-Assessment Tax returns to HMRC, it must outline the full amounts on the invoices as income and, in the ‘CIS

Deductions’ field, any deductions a contractor has made should be indicated.

We can assist any Liverpool, Wirral or St Helens based construction business and do all this work for you and advise accordingly.

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