What is GDPR Law?

8th May 2019

GDPR is a regulation in EU Law on data protection for all individuals with the European Union and the European Economic Community.

The 7 key principles of GDPR are:-

  • Lawfulness, fairness, and transparency
  • Purpose limitation
  • Data minimalization
  • Accuracy
  • Storage limitation
  • Integrity and confidentiality (security)
  • Accountability

Does GDPR apply to your business?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to all business and organisations In the EU regardless of whether the data processing take place in the EU or not. If your business offers any good or services then its subject to GDPR.

If your not sure whether you are GDPR compliant you should take advice from a professional in this area or your business could be risking serious consequences. For more infomation on GDPR visit EUGDPR.org or ICO.

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