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1st April 2020

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

The Government will cover up to 80% of salary (up to £2,500 per month plus NI and minimum pensions auto-enrolment contributions) per employee for businesses to retain and furlough employees who would otherwise be made redundant – this will be backdated to 1st March 2020. Employees must have been hired before 28th Feb 2020. Employees made redundant after that date may be rehired & applied for under this scheme. Furloughed employees can not undertake any work at all for the company at all during the period in which they are furloughed.

How do I access this?

Available for businesses, recruitment agencies (agencies workers paid via PAYE, public authorities and charities of all sizes and sector who started a PAYE payroll scheme on or before 28 February 2020 and have a UK bank
account. Employers will be asked to submit information (details TBC) to an HMRC portal. Employers must get their employees written consent that they accept being furloughed.

Is it available now?

No – HMRC are aiming to launch the scheme in the near future

Statutory Sick Pay Refund

The Government will refund employers up to 14 days statutory sick pay per employee off sick yourself-isolating from day 1.

How do I access this?

Available for businesses and charities with under 250 employees as of 28th February 2020. Employers will be able to access it via HMRC (details TBC)

Is it available now?

No – HMRC is aiming to launch thescheme in the near future. For the time being, all firms to keep careful records of sickness & self-isolation absence in order to have evidence available as soon as the scheme launches.

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