Support for Self-Employed

2nd April 2020

Self-Employed Income Support Scheme

The Government will pay self-employed individuals a taxable grant worth 80% of average monthly profits over the last 2 years (up to £2500 a month)

How do I access this?:

Available for UK based self-employed people with a trading profit of up to £50,000, who make the majority of their income from selfemployment and have submitted their 2019 tax return (or do so by the 23rd April).

Is it available now?

No – will be available by June 2020 at the latest, HMRC will contact applicable self-employed individuals directly

Self Assessed Income Tax Payments

The Government are deferring income tax payments due in July 2020 under the self-assessment system to January 2021 with no penalties or interest for late payment applied.

How do I access this?

Available for all applicable self-employed individuals HMRC will offer this automatically.

Is it available now?

Yes – HMRC will offer this automatically to self-employed individuals

Universal Credit:

The Government has confirmed that self-employed individuals will be able to access the equivalent of Statutory Sick Pay through Universal Credit. From 6 April the requirements of the Minimum Income Floor will be temporarily relaxed.

How do I access this?

Available for all self-employed individuals who are sick or self-isolating Applications can be made online via the Department for Work & Pensions

Is it available now?


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