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LJS Accounting Services Proud to be Supporting Nobody Left Behind CIC

LJS Accounting Services Proud to be Supporting Nobody Left Behind CIC

At LJS Accounting Services, we are proud to announce that we are working with Nobody Left Behind CIC. We are excited to be providing them with support with their activities. Read on to find out more about Nobody Left Behind CIC and what they do.


Nobody Left Behind CIC provides pathways into employment for disadvantaged young people. It provides sports and well-being sessions to get to know its students first and then transitions them into the classroom environment where they focus on health and safety micro courses.

The GQA-accredited learning modules help build students’ knowledge and confidence and as the learning progresses, we introduce employers to the groups in an informal approach initially.

Our 3-to-6-week turnaround programs culminate in an employer morning where students have the opportunity to have 1 to 1’s with employers who are recruiting.

Nobody Left Behind has supported over 100 young people in the last 15 months from a range of backgrounds – from care leavers, those at risk of becoming NEET, some who have been involved in the criminal justice system, others who are at risk of criminal exploitation and some who simply feel lost and not sure what path to take next.

To date, Nobody Left Behind has been funded by the Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership, National Probation, Merseyside Police, the Home Office and a number of Local Housing Associations.

NLB is also looking to the private sector for funding and partnerships to support its mission via working alongside businesses that want to demonstrate their commitment to delivering genuine social value.

We have had our programs evaluated by Manchester University and our financial return on investment has been estimated that for every £1 invested NLB has returned £5.30 to society – the Home Office’s evaluation of our work on behalf of The Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership has been described as ‘Gold standard’.

We would welcome contact from any company wanting to know more about our work! Please visit our website – Nobody-left-behind.co.uk or Contact Peter Owens on 07414 963985.

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