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21st December 2021
What Is A Company Tax Return

For many of us, tax returns are a fact of life, alongside council tax, bills, and rent or mortgage payments.  If you own a business, then you’re required to complete a company tax return to give HMRC the financial information they need about your business. However, you need to understand tax returns before you complete […]

17th December 2021
What Are Abridged Accounts

There are a variety of different accounts that you may need to file with the Companies House, whether it be dormant accounts, full accounts, micro-entity accounts, and of course, abridged accounts.  But what exactly are abridged accounts? What’s included in them? And when do you file them with HMRC?  Keep reading to learn more about […]

10th December 2021
How To Build Your Businesses Credit Rating

Your credit rating could determine the types of loans you’ll get accepted for, the interest rates, and whether you’ll be able to get a loan at all.  Having a poor business credit rating can also determine whether you’ll be accepted for bank accounts and even business bank accounts. This is why it’s so important that […]

5th December 2021
Can You Get Fines For Incorrect And Late Tax Returns?

Tax returns are a fact of life - like paying rent, council tax, and utility bills. However, if you’re just starting out in the world of self-employment, then you may not understand just how important tax returns are.  Failing to complete a tax return can have negative consequences, including fines. It’s important to be clear […]

19th November 2021
What Accounts Do I Need To File For My Limited Company

There’s plenty to consider when running a limited company - and failing to remember certain things can result in penalties.  Filing accounts should be a priority for anybody that owns a limited company - as filing accounts late or failing to file can result in fines or fixed penalties.  However, in extreme cases, the business […]

15th November 2021
Difference Between Dormant and Non-Trading Companies

Knowing the difference between dormant and non-trading companies is important in the world of business, as there could be tax implications if the correct protocol isn’t followed.  You may think that dormant and non-trading companies are there same, but there are important differences between the two.  Keep reading to learn more about what a dormant […]

11th November 2021
Understanding VAT On Delivery Charges In The UK

More and more people are opting for delivery options as opposed to in-store shopping. In 2021, we are recovering from lockdowns - and combined with the busy lifestyle that many of us lead, delivery is the easiest and most convenient option.  If you’ve decided to go virtual or you’re running an e-commerce business, then you’re […]

9th November 2021
Simple Guide To Flat Rate VAT

Could your business be saving time and money with the Flat Rate VAT scheme? VAT can be a pain to work out, and the Flat Rate VAT Scheme can free up your time and make record-keeping easier.  But what exactly is VAT? And what is the Flat Rate VAT Scheme? Are you eligible? Keep reading […]

8th November 2021
October 2021 Autumn Budget Newsletter

Welcome to October 2021 Autumn Budget, our newsletter designed to bring you tax tips and news to keep you one step ahead of the taxman. If you need further assistance just let us know or you can send us a question for our Question and Answer Section. We are committed to ensuring none of our clients […]

20th October 2021
What Is A Directors Loan Account

There are various legalities that all directors and limited company owners should consider to prevent HMRC investigations and penalties.  Director’s loan accounts require extensive research before loans are taken - and tax should always be considered.  Keep reading to learn more about directors loans, why people take out directors loans, and what DLA’s (directors loan […]

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