Fee Protection Insurance

Providing the best possible defence to save your time and money.
While you may think an enquiry unlikely HMRC may review your Tax returns, VAT returns or Accounts at any time. Even if you have done nothing wrong many tax enquiries are now being conducted just at random so you are still at risk of an enquiry or an investigation at any time.

HMRC has now been set ambitious targets and is therefore continually investing in new technology and strategies to maximise its tax revenue due to the government increased levels of deficit, therefore recently there has been a significant increase in tax enquiries.

We offer the opportunity to cover your business with a Tax Fee Protection Insurance. If you need our help, advice and support should you have any Tax/VAT/PAYE enquiry (or more seriously a full tax investigation) we will be able to deal with this on your behalf with correspondence, telephone conversations, meetings (if required) with yourself and HMRC without you having to burden our fees which can be covered by this policy for a sum up to £100,000.

This would therefore give you the full support and as we know and understand your business we would be providing the best possible defence to save your time and money.
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