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The construction industry involves a wide range of careers; it is a unique industry with certain accounting and financial requirements. Although no laws are stopping you from doing your construction accounting yourself, it can be difficult to grasp the ins and outs of construction accounting, especially for small businesses or limited companies that may not have enough time in the day to monitor their accounting.

Additionally, without proper tax advice, it can be especially difficult to keep tabs on things such as revenue, invoices, paying taxes, suppliers, and wages.

At LJS Accounting, our team of dedicated construction accountants can help you with all aspects of accounting relating to the construction sector. Our specialist construction accounting can help you with key areas such as tax planning, reverse charges, and tax returns, among many other key areas.

Why You Need A Construction Accountant

Working in construction can be demanding, and as a contractor, you most likely don’t have the time to deal with accounting as well as your job. Likewise, it can take a long time to learn the skills and expertise needed to sort out your construction accounts.

Government changes such as MTD (Making Tax Digital), VAT Changes, and CIS mean that there is, even more to consider in 2022, and hiring a construction accountant can take the stress off of your shoulders.

Hence the importance of having accountants that specialise in construction and access to accounting software specifically for the construction industry. Some of these include ERP accounting software and other business management software, such as business management CRM. ERP stands for enterprise resource planning and is a form of software that can manage day-to-day business activities, for example, project management, risk management, supply chain operations, and, of course, accounting.

Hiring qualified construction accountants can ensure that all your accounting needs are secure, whether that be your billing, invoices, or even reports such as your cash flow statements or profit and loss sheets.

How LJS Accountants Can Help You

At LJS, we have vast experience with construction accounting and have worked with a wide range of clients across the sector. This has given us a deep understanding of the rules and regulations associated with construction accounts, as well as knowledge of the risks that those in the industry face daily.

Our extensive knowledge of the industry means that we can work with a variety of clients, whether they be commercial or residential developers, civil engineers, contractors, professional service providers, or surveyors.

We can provide all the professional advice you need, whether you’re a start-up business or a household name. The economy is always changing, but we can help your construction business survive and even excel financially. After all, running a business can feel like an uphill battle if your finances are not under control.

At LJS, we can help with construction-specific accounting as well as everyday accounting, for example, forecasts and projectionsbookkeeping, and, of course, end-of-year accounts. At LJS, we’ve worked with subcontractors as well as large-scale construction companies and can provide you with business advice to ensure that all your operations run smoothly.

Accounting can take up valuable time, so why not let us deal with it for you, and give you the time to deal with other important aspects of your business?

What Is CIS?

CIS, short for Construction Industry Scheme, covers the majority of construction work, whether it be electrical, plumbing, building, plastering, roofing, and many more.

If you’re a contractor and work in the construction industry, you should register for CIS and make payments to HMRC accordingly. However, if you’re a subcontractor, you won’t need to register (although deductions will be taken from your payments at a higher rate).

Our dedicated construction accountants at LJS can give you the guidance you need regarding CIS, and help you make the right business decisions to ultimately boost both productivity and profitability. We can help streamline your finances and reduce overhead costs.

What About WIP (Work in Progress)?

WIP, short for Work in Progress, is essentially the value of work that you have completed but haven’t invoiced yet. This means that if you’re halfway through a project that’s worth £5,000, then the WIP will be £2,500.

However, figuring out WIP isn’t always as easy as this, and numerous factors can come into play, which is where we can help. At LJS, we are expertly qualified accountants for those in the construction industry and can calculate WIP and matching costs with ease.

We can advise you on the best way forward regarding WIP, whether it be regarding costs associated with equipment hire or purchase, materials, other expenditures, or tax liabilities (and how to minimise tax!).


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