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The manufacturing sector involves a wide range of careers, and the future of the manufacturing industry globally is bright. The growth in manufacturing revenue is set to rise again by 10% each year until 2024.

This growth will not come without challenges, so getting your finances and accounts in check is important to prepare for this upcoming growth.

As companies grow, there will also be the challenges of trade barriers, political instability and keeping pace with technological advances, all while aiming to stay as sustainable as possible along the way, which sure is a challenge.

There are no laws in the way to stop you from doing accounting for yourself; it can be difficult to grasp, whether it be regarding revenue, invoices, paying taxes, or managing supply chains and wages.

Why Do You Need A Manufacturing Accountant?

The UK manufacturers remain resilient and resourceful, as the UK is currently the 9th industrial nation in the world and this type of industry accounts for 45% of our country’s exports. With manufacturing in the UK under constant pressure from the government to be more sustainable, this sector is becoming an essential requirement rather than a desirable element for companies.

We can help you evaluate finances within your business and recommend and strategize solutions to help your business run efficiently by helping you improve efficiency by reducing costs.

If you are in the manufacturing business, then you might benefit from hiring an accountant. We understand that manufacturing is a busy industry and you may not have the time for accounting.

While some can believe that managing your finances and accounts can be a cheaper way of doing it, what saves you money can cost you in time. Time in business is valuable, so let us take care of the hard bit so you don’t have to.

We can help with all aspects of accounting in the manufacturing industry, including investment in Research and Development (R&D) and opportunities that exist to utilise various tax incentives, such as R&D tax relief and the Patent Box regime.

Making the most of these reliefs will leave manufacturers with more funds to invest in building a stronger business and to carry on recruiting staff. Hiring a qualified manufacturing accounting firm can ensure that all your accounting needs are met, whether that be taking care of your billing and invoices or taking care of reports such as your cash flow statements or profit and loss sheets.

How LJS Accounting Can Help You?

LJS Accounting Services can help you deal with any of your accounting jobs while always giving you the best advice and service. We are confident that with our expert help, we can assist you and your business, so you will always be in safe hands. Missing any tax deadlines can be costly and you may have to complete a tax audit. The services our team of specialists provides will ensure you never have to do that.

Like with any business, navigating your way through your accounts can be tricky, and in the manufacturing industry, we understand that you will have other commitments.

Knowing the ins and outs of accounting can be costly to your business, as you will lose time trying to figure everything out. The easier option is to get an expert accountant to help you with everything. Our practical system is in place to make sure we deliver a proactive approach and also to ensure you are complying with everything correctly so we can deliver our services all across the North West.

Check out the full range of services we provide on our website. We can be your go-to local accounting firm. Our team is based in our three offices, which are located in Liverpool City Centre, in the suburbs of St. Helens at Mere Grange Business Park and on Woodchurch Road in Birkenhead.

If you prefer a face-to-face meeting to discuss your options, this is perfectly fine. We are open to discussing your accounting needs in any way you prefer, and we look forward to meeting you.


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